Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apple time

Today we did school about apples. Since we are going to the zoo tomorrow with one of C's friends we did school for a whole hour today! And he did great.

First we talked about what color apples are and what letter they start with. Next we read a nonfiction about apples and talked about how they are fruits and grow on trees. Note to self- really need to know what makes something a fruit or veggie. Then we cut 2 apples in half. One was cut lengthwise and the other width wise. We looked at them with our new dollar store magnifying glasses and looked at the seeds too. He liked how one had a "apple flower" inside. Then we saved one half from each apple and the other halves were used to do apple prints. Although he liked to make a print and then color it with paint, thus ruining the print. Oh well, he enjoyed it.

We sang a song about "see the apples falling down" to the tune of "London bridge" a few times. After that we sat on the floor and read about Johnny Appleseed/ John Chapman. We did the "Lord's been good to me" song/prayer from Johnny Appleseed.

He also did a fingerprint apple tree with green and red paint. He liked that too. "dot, dot, dot"

We read a counting book too and one other book about what you can make with apples.

So for lunch we did a "muffin tin." It had applesauce, apple slices, chicken nuggets, and cheese slices. We were going to have apple cider, but C wanted oj instead.

Overall I'm pretty proud of us both. He did good paying attention for so long and I was proud that we incorporated reading, math, science, art, and music all in today.

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