Friday, October 3, 2008

Ok so we are going to do Fall for a few weeks. We are going to start next week with apples. Today we'll get some books again. I think that we'll try to do that on Friday or Tuesday if I'm ready on Tuesdays to get them. I think we'll try to make applesauce. And do apple prints. We can cut them in half and look at them.

We might go to the dollar store and get a magnifying glass today too. Then we can do "science" and discover stuff. Every little boy likes that right?!

I need to try to incoporate math and science into school. C loves to read, but we need to do other things too. He's been doing ok with the craft, but he isn't thrilled to do them yet and we still have to be reminded several times to pay attention.

We went to Ikea last night and bought a curtian line to hang our art work on. And a box to store some of our supplies. I was going to buy several clear storage boxes to organize, but I don't need to waste money on that so I used shoeboxs and whatever else I could find.

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