Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So I'm a total slacker and haven't done school this week. I really didn't feel like it... but neither did C... so..

We went to the park today with my sister and the boys. They had a great time together! It was cute to see how excited they get to see each other. Too bad that they are moving soon, but at least they can play together over the holidays. Jamie had her camera with her and we got some great pixs of the kids. Well, I did since I kinda commandeered her camera.

C is doing so well potty training , he HARDLY has any accidents anymore. He loves to get candy corn as a reward. What will we do when we run out! I thought that he would love Reese Pieces or M&M's but candy corn is the clear winner in his heart. "One for going potty, one for flushing, one for using soap." Typically it's "one for washing with Mama's soap, not C's soap."


Mindy said...

Candy corn was on sale at Kroger Monday for $.50! Stock up!!

The Rogersuz said...

I totally figured out how to follow your blog now. OH yea. Ok, I"m really going to bed now.