Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So we did it! School went great. It seemed a bit hard to fill 30 mins. I really didn't have it planned out like I thought I did.

We read books, talked about Fiction and Nonfiction and what they mean. Sang Old McDonald too. Did a craft and we traced our hands to make chickens. Turned out cute. He did yellow for chicks and my hand was red for a hen. Talked a bit about the letter "C" how it starts chicken and his name. Then at the end we acted like chickens and pecked at the ground, crowed, and scratched. Pretty good for a first try.

I found someone's blog and I think I might copy some of their ideas for stuff. Do something like Fall for a whole month, and then do leaves for a week, apples, pumpkins, squirrels and stuff like that.

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